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unwanted discarded and rescued materials reinvented
* Closing down from the end of March 2017 - no further sales.

'Thank you to all my customers for your purchases and your support over the last 12 months'.


Hello and welcome! A bit about me and what I do.

I've always enjoyed and needed to create something.  I'm a do'er, DIY'er and maker. I'll have a go at just about anything and I love a power tool. 

I'm passionate about the environment and the impact of our throw away society.  I wanted to try and make a small personal difference by designing and making thrifty, sustainable originally designed products you won't find on the high street.  

All my products are handcrafted and upcycled by me in my home workshop in West Cumbria.

For me, it's all about reuse and repurpose, salvage and reclaim, to help reduce landfill.  The smallest difference we can make is worth doing and benefits us and the environment. 

So, I rescue and source materials no longer wanted, used or discarded to use in my designs.  I love reinvention and creating functional and funky pieces for modern eco-conscious living.

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Terms & Conditions
We will make efforts to ensure that all descriptions, dimensions, and prices of products appearing on the website are correct. We reserve the right to refuse orders where product information has been mis-published, including prices.


Due to the nature of the materials used, the products are subject to availability.


Unless otherwise agreed, all products should be paid for in full, at the time of your order. 

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Please contact me using the details below.

Email: sarah@upcycleupnorth.co.uk
Tel:      07738 467 042
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